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​servicing Columbia, SC and surrounding areas 

Our Company at a Glance

Here at Hausman Deodorizing, LLC, we are dedicated to you and your different deodorizing needs.

We are associated with Ward Deodorizing in Houston, Texas, family owned and operated for over 40 years.  But our most important win is making you a happy life-long customer.

Ultimate Air Freshener Service

Click here to view  2009 06-09 Safety Data Sheet TM 

​                                    2015-06-09 MSDS Nutra Scent OB

                                    2015 07-02 Safety Data Sheet Health Gard

Cost only pennies a day 

Member of Greater Lexington Chamber and Compliance Depot

​GSA approved product

​DUNNS # 079244326


Our aerosol cans are odor neutralizers - 

not just a perfumed mask -

attack and remove unpleasant odors

Knowledge Base

We know it's often hard to know just what you need to remove and keep areas free of odor.

We have many years of knowledge to access in order to assist your individual needs.

 Hausman Deodorizing, LLC